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What is Street Hypers?

It is becoming increasingly more difficult for companies to distinguish themselves from the competition and stand out among the thousands of advertising messages with which consumers are bombarded daily. To prevent advertising efforts from missing the target, companies and advertising agencies must find creative solutions.


Now there is a new, unique and certainly eye-catching way to bring your message to the attention of consumers or business partners: the Street Hypers.


Street Hypers are great for advertising your business as they can easily walk around, near to, and inside your store greeting and handing out your flyers or advertisement products such as pens and balloons.

Street Hypers can be used for...

With the Street Hypers, you can promote your company in a truly unique way. A life-sized promotional display is used to fully tailor the appearance of the Street Hypers to customer specifications. Since the Street Hypers is an eye-catching mobile advertising medium and is very difficult not to notice, you can be sure of a maximum return on your efforts. You are guaranteed that your message reaches the target group instead of your promotional materials being thrown directly into the trash or being passed by without getting noticed. In other words, you receive the highest possible return on your investment. We use specially trained hostesses and promoters for the Street Hypers, who can wear your company clothing if desired.

The Street Hypers can also be equipped with various standard sized bags. This means less dependability on a stand at a single location and the possibility to distribute your product on a wider scale. It also means less stress for your promotional staff and being able to cover a larger area with fewer people. The carrier bags can be printed with a logo or other promotional text.

Trade fairs

The Street Hypers is an excellent promotional and sampling tool for trade fairs. The Street Hypers makes it possible to easily maintain an overview of large groups of people since the Street Hypers is 3ft higher than the people around him or her. It also makes the organisation clearly identifiable.


Is it suitable for my business?

Basically Street Hypers can be used in any businesses that needs to advertise or expose their brand or products to the public.


Street Hypers fit into a variety of different events for example, for advertising and promotion (by handing out leaflets and talking to people to advertise an event); mix ’n’ mingle characters at festivals creating a dynamic walking show; greeting people at the entrance to stores or performances… whatever specifications, these versatile characters can bring something unique to any event.


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