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Ideaz Solutions Sdn Bhd is very proud to be associated with Drink Safe Technology (USA) who is the innovative leader in producing Test Kits that help detect the presence of illicit drugs in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

We are now the representative company of Drink Safe Technology (USA) to bring this very unique and useful product to the shores of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

This is the one and only test kit available in the market to test drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for any illicit drugs like GHB and Ketamine that are normally associated with Date Rape drugs.

These test kits has been tested and proven in countries such as United States of America

and Australia.

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The DrinkSafe Test kits contains 2 tests. It is about the size of a credit card; it is incorporated with our patented " Drink Safe" Technology to react with a visible colour change when it comes in contact with drinks that contains illicit drugs.

Due to the size and ease of use, the test kits are relatively inconspicious and can be used very non-chalantly.

The test only needs second to perform and it is as easy as placing a couple of drops from the suspicious drink on to our active test kits using a swizzle stick or even one's finger.

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What is date Rape Drugs ? ::

Understanding the defination of "Date Rape Drugs". In its pure set defination; this form of `Date Rape' is accomplished by placement of a drug, legal or illegal, into an unaware victims' consumable without their prior knowledge or consent. This drug must meet certain criteria.

First, it must be able to be present in the victim's beverage without raising suspicion. This means it must be relatively tasteless, without odour, and not impart any physical changes to the beverage in question, i.e. colour change, cloudy appearance or very oily look.

Second, it must render the victim in a quasi-comatose state so as to aid in the prepetrators plans. It general has a synergistic effect with alcohol, but that is not requirement.

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Samples ::

The following are some samples of the DrinkSafe Test Kits. It is printed in a coaster shape with your logo and branding on it.

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