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  • What is Blu.E

    Welcome to Blu.E

    What is Blu.E? :: Simply put it, Blu.E is a way to communicate your advertising program to nearby mobile user via Bluetooth technology.

    What can Blu.E do for me? :: Blu.E offers an effective and affordable solution for communicating with a large audience within the proximity of your advertised product or service.

    Our Services :: We provide Blu.E service to customers who like to engage with their customers by sending multimedia content to any Bluetooth enabled gadgets (smart phones/laptops/Ipads etc) using our Blu.E device. Blu.E is able to broadcast paperless discount voucher, pictures, music, ringtones, videos etc.

    Please view the diagram on the next page for a better idea on how the system works.

  • How Blu.E Works

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  • Blu.E Applications


    Exhibitions: Be the first company to greet your visitors when they arrive at the exhibition hall. Sent them a welcoming message inviting them to your booth to get a mystery gift.

    Product roadshow: Let people know about your products by blasting out promotion messages at shopping malls or on the streets.

    Out of Home

    Mobile Street team: Blast promotion messages while giving out samples to create hype at the location.


    Promotion coupons: Reduce cost by sending paperless discount vouchers or flyers.

  • Tips

    1. Define how you will serve the users Defining your basic approach of serving the users will set the set-up parameters for a Bluetooth Marketing activity. You should consider how you will offer the information for the users: how far you are sending the content, what is the mechanism if the user does not accept the message and how will you make sure that the user does not get the message multiple times at the same location.
    2. Content will set the interest level As in any media, content is the key of successful marketing. Pay extra attention on creating outstanding content with marketing professionals. Any kind of entertaining content with a well structured message will naturally set your messages on top of the competition and create trust and good brand awareness with the audience.
    3. Tell the users what to expect It is very important to somehow "signal" the user that the location they are at is facilitated with a Bluetooth system, offering them valuable content. Posters, roll-ups or even stands to advertise Bluetooth system will help you motivate users to expect and accept your message.
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    If you would like to discuss further on Blu.E, please feel free to contact us.

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